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Verizon Digital Retail Experience

STRATEGY Every so often you get a business challenge that is beautifully massive, like this one: What role does digital have in Verizon retail? Why and where will customers be exposed to digital service solutions, and how will these solutions exceed customer expectations? It didn’t take much investigation for us to discover that Verizon’s current digital retail experience (including tablets, […]

Delta Digital Content Strategy

As with so many other legacy websites, was (and largely remains) in tonal disarray. Certain sections/tabs were clinical in terms of visual and verbal queues while others were emotive and conversational almost to a fault. While site analytics prove that customers can navigate through this incongruous content to find and purchase flights, Delta asked us for a content strategy that would […]

It Can Wait

While most Americans recognize the danger in using their smartphones while driving, few have withdrawn entirely from looking at texts, emails and posts while behind the wheel. Instead, they’ve developed a list of reasons as to why their actions don’t carry the same weight. Given distracted driving now causes 25% of automobile crashes and is involved […]

Film Lover

Film fans don’t consider themselves film makers. But like all of us, they do see themselves as everyday storytellers using their phones, social media and a dozen or so apps to record and share their lives with the world. It is for this very reason a partnership between AT&T and the Tribeca Film Festival seems so natural.

Strong Can

The wireless industry has a problem: good enough. These two seemingly innocuous words summarize people’s perceptions of network quality, and they are particularly damaging to high-performing networks like AT&T and Verizon. Needing to still drive sales in the face of good enough, carriers are slashing prices (and revenues). It’s a race to the bottom, and everyone is looking for a way […]


CASE STUDY VIDEO HERE If told they had to choose between their cars and their smartphones, the majority of teenagers today would choose the latter. That’s right. They would pick silicon over steel. LTE over RPM. Snapchat voyeurism over cruising the strip. Truly the concept of “mobility” has changed. While teenagers may love their mobile […]


Many may not remember that just seven years ago the music industry and Hollywood press had all but left the Grammys for dead. Panned as the Grannys, the show had followed the path of Oldsmobile and Ovaltine pandering to an aging viewer base and losing relevancy in a changing world. Onstage performances were retrospective rather […]