myspace: Brand Campaign

Specific Media bought Myspace with one goal: to take the combined company public.

But to this day consumers and brands alike have not seen the combined power of Specific Media and Myspace.

  • Down-funnel media buyers know and trust the Specific Media brand name but can’t influence major creative efforts
  • Up-funnel buyers don’t know Specific Media and are averse to Myspace having been burned in the past
  • Brands and creative agencies are unclear on the new mission of Myspace
  • Consumers are hesitant to get involved with a brand that looks and feels Web 1.0

That’s where Champaign Problems comes in. It was an idea we developed with the belief we have entered an era where performance and entertainment can seamlessly coexist. Check the link below to dive into our idea. The plan is to have unveil this idea when Myspace relaunches later this year:

Champagne Problems

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