Nespresso: US Launch Campaign

With a recent pitch for Nespresso, the assignment was pretty clear. They wanted TV spots to raise awareness and expected the idea to be large enough to “extend into other channels.” Of course, this last request was loaded. It means they wanted a TV campaign and would happily entertain – but not necessarily produce – anything else we come up with for other channels.

We got to work and quickly discovered Nespresso had a few major touch points in desperate need of being tied to the TV. First and foremost, the only way you can purchase more coffee for Nespresso machines is on And the only way to order on is to become a Nespresso Club member.

So our assignment expanded. Yes, we would create TV that built awareness among those unfamiliar with the brand, but we would also take advantage of their Club members. We would turn Nespresso fans into advocates and, in some cases, spokespeople for the brand through a myriad of digital tactics.

Importantly, we chose to showcase these tactics as one, seamless story arch. We simply called it “Meet Annie,” and this simple approach to creative delivery helped our traditionally-minded clients easily grasp how the tactics ladder back to the campaign and make it much stronger.

Although the campaign has evolved since we first won the account, this approach to developing work lead to a number of organic growth opportunities. Originally scoped for just TV development/production, we were able to extend our influence over other channels winning paid digital creative responsibilities and social content/conversation management away from other agencies. We’re now trying bring our “Annie” story arch to life.

Meet Annie Deck

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