AT&T: Strong Can


The wireless industry has a problem: good enough. These two seemingly innocuous words summarize people’s perceptions of network quality, and they are particularly damaging to high-performing networks like AT&T and Verizon.

Needing to still drive sales in the face of good enough, carriers are slashing prices (and revenues). It’s a race to the bottom, and everyone is looking for a way out.

In hopes of energizing a placid customer base, mobile companies are in constant pursuit of new network claims. T-Mobile is screaming Data Strong. Verizon is creating a new standard called “XLTE” out of whole cloth. AT&T can’t help but chime in with their own claim that they are America’s “strongest signal”, and they turned to BBDO to make something of it.

Although our broader agenda is to get AT&T out of a claims war by helping it find a broader purpose, for now we must focus on how we’re delivering the message of strongest signal. Our investigations lead to a very simple and human truth: People can only make sense of a “network” through the context of how it strengthens everything they currently do and love.

Strong can tell a bedtime story from Gate 9.

Strong can bring about a critical mass (of bikers).

Strong can pull you into the game and make you feel like you’re part of something bigger.


Our “Strong Can” campaign is helping to position the AT&T network in a way that is relevant, differentiating and true. More importantly, we see Strong Can as the foundation for establishing a purpose for AT&T in the marketplace. More to come…

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