OURA Ring: Brand Position


OURA wanted to expand into the American marketplace with their new wearable tech device. What they faced was a market not only saturated but somewhat in decline. They brought us onboard to establish their brand, content and acquisition plans.

We soon discovered the wearable marketplace is clear on what it sells: better sleep and the counting of calories and steps.

It has also simplified why they sell it: so you can achieve wellness, health and happiness.

And yet how rational numbers lead to emotional benefits remains a mystery to consumers:


Confusion. Hollow promises. A lack of motivation. These are the hurdles for the category. But OURA had an angle.

We challenged our client to look inwards and learned their core competency was translation. Their ring and app help people draw quick implications from their behaviors that lead to immediate benefits.


Cause and effect. Cause and effect. As we monitored those who used OURA with regularity, it became clear that the real reason they found it so useful was not some lofty end goal of wellness but rather the feeling of being more alert and present in their everyday lives.


This was the real, tangible connection this category has been missing. Unlike any other wearable, OURA is for those who want to be ready.


Subsequent communications and go-to-market strategies were deployed to ensure a holistic voice was translated across all owned and paid media. The sign ups we achieved through the winter of 2017 ensured OURA an additional round of funding and the assurance that the American market was interested in their product offering.


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