GEICO: Brostache App

GEICO still thinks (and always will think) TV first. But that doesn’t mean we can’t extend ideas to the digital space when the opportunity strikes.

One such idea struck when we presented a round of Rhetorical Questions. One spot included two guys in an office making fools of themselves using an application that adds a mustache to their mouth when they speak. It was campy as hell, but the client loved it.

Having attempted to sell them “360” campaigns in the past, I knew that strategically we couldn’t present anything but the TV spot in the first round.  However, we anticipated they would like the spot and would ask more for thinking around it. And that’s precisely what they did before going to lunch. Conveniently, we had anticipated this and prepared all the costs and deliverables to turn the “brostache” app into a reality. Over sandwiches we slid the proposal across the desk and they bit.

It’s sort of like selling a car. You get them interested – even committed – before sitting them down to talk about all the add ons. That’s GEICO. And having learned this approach to selling digital work to traditional clients has continued to pay dividends.

Frankly, I didn’t think the Brostache app would be a hit, but then I was reminded there is no accounting for taste. The thing went gangbusters.

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