myspace: Brand Position

“Myspace is dead. Long live myspace.”

These were the first words uttered by the Tilford brothers, longtime friends of mine, when they asked me to help them revive Myspace like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Myspace? Really?

We kept talking, and the thing that stuck for me was the simple fact that bands are still closing out their sets across the country with the words, “Check us out on Myspace!” It was time to get the social network out of the business of keeping up with Facebook and Twitter and getting back into the game of helping aspiring artists – musicians, painters, actors and the like – find their voice in the madness of the web.

The goal was simple: increase positive brand perceptions of myspace (not Myspace) and drive traffic back to the site. The brothers were feverishly working out a new UX and needed to refine their target audience and mission as the evolved the site.

This simple challenge lead to some great pitch materials that we shared with the owners of myspace, Specific Media. Below are some of the assets shared with their CEO and CMO along with some assets created as part of a relaunch we did this fall.

The long term goal is to take myspace beyond just the confines of the web and turning it into a multimedia property. To do this, we plan to incorporate much of what was developed as part of my work on Pickme a year ago.

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